we Renovate houses...

We buy houses that have lost life -- places that are neglected, rundown and abandoned --   We renovate them, and then sell them.  Giving them a new start as a home for further generations. Focusing on the unique elements of each property, we add to the character and personality of the house with vintage and reclaimed materials.  Our goal is to make the house better than it was originally. This isn't just a job to us, it's our passion. 

We are always on the lookout for interesting houses in the Seattle area to restore.  If there's one in your neighborhood, please contact us here

Lora Lindberg and Debbie Cederlind

All of our real estate transactions are handled by Jennifer Reyer of Windermere Kirkland Northeast Office.

Jennifer Reyer | 206-669-4509|  jenniferreyer@gmail.com


We have an amazing crew. If you're looking for a great general contractor, here's two of the best:

Phil Seaton  |  206-919-7005   and   Jeffrey Herlyck | 509-669-2753



Urban Squirrel Holdings LLC,  Woodinville, WA